Decomposition Podcast

99 Problems- Jay-Z Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week our good friend, Gbenga, joins us via Facetime to decompose Jay-Z's 2006 hit "99 Problems."

Episode Notes

This week we discuss a young, cocaine-dealing entrepreneur and the myriad bitch-related problems that he has.

WARNING This episode has more explicit language than usual. However, as it was relevant to the song choice and our discussion, we left it in.

I could only really tell you about three problems that the J Hova actually has. However, I can also confidently tell you what one of his problems is not.

Katie was wrong. And not just a little wrong, but, like, A LOT wrong. She confidently suggested this song to our close friend thinking she could really rip into it. But, as she learned, this is not only a not-bad song, but in fact an excellent song. Multiple meanings for "bitch." Inventive new slang (Jake, kit-kat.) Compelling narrative. Its basically flawless... unless you count the gross mispronunciation of the word "zapatos." That's just downright terrible...