Decomposition Podcast

A Nightmare On My Street- DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince Halloween Special

Episode Summary

In honor of Halloween, Katie and Brad are decomposing the worlds SPOOOOKIEST song, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Princes 1988 hit song "A Nightmare on My Street."

Episode Notes

The emotional scars of this song run deep. Katie saw approximately 10 minutes of one of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies and, to this day, is haunted by the thoughts of a guy named Fred who "wears the same hat and sweater everyday." However, this song proved to be a living nightmare of ensuing legal battles, obligations to movie studios, loss of a music video. And the repercussions were felt right up through the last dying days of New Line Cinemas. Or not, who knows. Anyway, Katie is still terrified by this song, but does a "killer," Kreug impression.