Decomposition Podcast

A Real-Time Reaction to an Unreleased Smash Mouth Song

Episode Summary

Wrapping up our 1-year anniversary month, we welcome Denis (Pop Flies & Grounders) to decompose an unreleased, vocals-only, track from Smash Mouth

Episode Notes

Roll it!
Steve Harwell seems like an angry man. We kinda hope he starts a twitter feud with us. Denis had no idea what was coming walking into with this one, so we had the unique pleasure of introducing him to one of the funniest things the internet has given to us, an unreleased song by Smash Mouth. It is a track of isolated vocals from a song the even the band knew was too terrible to release on an album. It really brings out the majesty in Harwell's vocals and lyrical prowess. And provides near-endless laughs. Tell your friends, they're going to love it.

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