Decomposition Podcast

Addams Groove- (MC) Hammer Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week Denis Ackermann joins us to discuss Hammer's 1991 hit song "Addams Groove," from the Addams Family Movie soundtrack

Episode Notes

Happy Halloween! Brad is hopped up on vitamins, caffeine, and beer for an episode on what may be our most ridiculous song to date. MC Hammer was a global sensation who was not above a cash-grab movie tie-in. He's very clearly not familiar with the source material. Brad gets real for a moment when discussing his connection to The Addams Family. Is Hammer telling a story? Who is the pope of Oak-town? We learn all about his posse, Bones, Swoop, Goofy and Randy. Katie makes the obvious comparison between Stanley Kirk Burrell and Wordsworth. Did Hammer have to move back in with his parents? In Oakland or Central Park? Also, pepper for your chicken? Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em.