Decomposition Podcast

Back Up Off Me!- Doctor Dre and Ed Lover (f. T-Money) Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week Katie and Brad decompose the 1994 hit by Doctor Dre and Ed Lover "Back Up Off Me!"

Episode Notes

Doctor Dre (not Dr. Dre) and Ed Lover are living legends. They helped bring hip-hop to the masses as hosts of Yo! Mtv Raps. They worked with Run DMC and the Beastie Boys before putting out their own album. It did not do well. However, the title track is a remarkable amount of fun. Cobbled together from bits of other classic hip-hop songs, it is musical Prozac. Who are the suckers? Who is Davy? Funky Santa! What did T-Money do? What did these guys have in common with T.S. Elliot? Don't worry, Katie is able to draw a comparison. I double-dog dare you to NOT want to hear this song every single morning, first thing, in order to put yourself in a wonderful mood. Unimportant. Enjoy our "flow," as we go over one of the most quotable rap songs of all time.