Decomposition Podcast

Brave- Sara Bareilles Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week we welcome our friend, Matt, to help decompose Sara Bareilles' 2013 hit song "Brave."

Episode Notes

Katie HATES Sara Bareilles. It is an irrational hatred that she struggles to explain. She feels sorry about that...and she feels GREAT when she can find even the most basic of justification. Meanwhile, friend and Baltimorian, Matt, doesn't even know the song...but that's fine because he also recognizes the shortcomings of this song. It's as if Bareillis determined that she knows whats best for her friend struggling to come out of the closet. But only so that she feels good about herself. We also spend an inordinate amount of time telling/ not telling when this episode was recorded...maybe this past weekend, maybe a month ago. Who knows, really?
There are a lot of tangeants and ridiculousness, which is par for the course when hanging out with Matt. You can tell the drinks were being had before, during and after the recording. We never learn Matt's middle name, and we certainly don't understand why Katie hates BAREILLEEESSSS so much.
Aside from that there's all the Katy Perry stuff that happens.