Decomposition Podcast

Christmas Wrapping- The Waitresses Decomposition

Episode Summary

Comedian and host of the Bumperpodcast, Natty Bumpercar, comes by to help us decompose the Waitresses perennial favorite "Christmas Wrapping."

Episode Notes

Let's get festive!! This is a looooooooooong song. And, its one of Bumpercar's favorites...or so we tell him. Actually, we all enjoy this song. But the story is terrible. The narrative is weak and the story itself is just long and boring. Who or what is Egyptian Lover? Are people in Akron Ohio aware of rap music? Is Harvard offering full-rides for jousting? Who ARE the Waitresses? Did they (probably) influence Nirvana? Yes, we talk about Blossom, and, obviously, we talk about Romeo and Juliet.

Also, Richard Jewell...I couldn't remember the name Richard Jewell

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