Decomposition Podcast

Decomposition: Fireball- Pitbull (feat. John Ryan)

Episode Summary

This week we welcome Donald over to help decompose the 2014 hit by Pitbull "Fireball."

Episode Notes

Jiggle, wiggle, boogie, woogie, oogie and dance. This is a mantra, as told by Armando Perez, better known as Pitbull...Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide. Superfan (of Pitbull) Donald helps us break down the lyrics, video, and lifestyle choices of Mr. Perez. Pitbull/ Playboy branded underwear, his own vodka, and a SERIES of lifestyle books. Why on Earth does he not feature the liquor in the song he wrote based on it. This is a fun, terrible, great song and we had a great time discussing it. He saw, ho conquered, he came.