Decomposition Podcast

Decomposition: Love Story - Taylor Swift

Episode Summary

Today we welcome both Teresa and Josh to help decompose Taylor Swift's 2008 hit single, "Love Story."

Episode Notes

For Labor Day we welcome 2 Decomposition all-stars, Teresa and Josh, to try to talk Katie down. As an English professor and Shakespeare buff she tends to get fired up when students don't finish the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Spoiler; she's the only one of the 4 of us that has read the play. Nevertheless, Tay-tay got her biggest hit single by ruining the ending. Was this a Latin-pop hit? Did she sell more than Billy Shakes? Sahwnetts...again. Whats more gross, teenager marriage or teenagers banging? Is she emulating Madonna or THE Madonna. All this and the G.D. Scarlet Letter in our super-long Labor Day episode.