Decomposition Podcast

Do They Know It's Christmas- Band Aid Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week we welcome our friend Andy to help decompose the 1984 hit song "Do They Know It's Christmas."

Episode Notes

A Christmas-charity song that helped raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia...who knew this would be such a grim tune? At the time it was the UK's biggest selling single. A collection of popular singers gathered to sing an admittedly bad song, with problematic lyrics. You're going to hear that word a lot. How on Earth do you pronounce the name Ure? Have these people ever been to Africa? Should they be painting this picture of Africans? How can Bob Geldof be a professional songwriter if he can't find a way to use the name Ethiopia? Sit back and relax as we discuss this wine and coke-fueled (thanks to Status Quo, whoever they are) holiday anthem. God bless us, every one!