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Do You Believe In Love- Huey Lewis and the News Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week comedian and podcaster, Darin Patterson, joins us to help decompose the 1982 hit song by Huey Lewis and the News "Do You Believe In Love."

Episode Notes

Patrick Bateman was correct, despite how you feel about his murderous rampage, about Huey Lewis and the News. This is one of Brad's favorite bands. Katie is on board, for the most part, but still finds them to be cheesy. Darin is way, way, WAAAAAAY on board. When they team up against Katie then she is the one who gets schooled!
This song, penned by legendary producer Mutt Lange, was Hu-Lew-and-the-New's first big hit song, which paved the way for 18 other Top 10 hits, was perhaps their cheesiest song with the dumbest lyrics. Cheesy in a wonderful way, though, like a crunchy mozzarella...Darin...right?
Katie learns some hard truths in this episode and we sing lots and lots of great songs.

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