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EPISODE 50: Patrick Flynn, The Billy Joel Apologist

Episode Summary

This week Brad and Katie have a conversation with Patrick Flynn, host of The Original Cast Podcast, about the polarizing works of Billy Joel

Episode Notes

50th Episode Special:
We were lucky enough to have an awesome, recorded conversation with Patrick Flynn (The Original Cast) about Billy Joel. Brad is not a fan. Patrick is a huge fan. Katie has no strong opinions...other than that she loves Oliver and Company. We go through Joel's catalog of hit songs over the years, from Captain Jack to The River of Dreams, and plenty in between. We learn that Brad loves some Billy Joel songs even though he doesn't like Billy Joel. Patrick is ashamed of some of his Billy Joel love. Katie forgets things about Billy Joel and doesn't realize some Billy Joel songs are by Billy Joel. But we spend some time discussing other artists; Alexa Ray Joel, Neil Young,Frankie Valli, Semisonic, Nine Days...and, obviously the cost of driving through Delaware.

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