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Fight Song- Rachel Platten Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week Teresa returns to help us decompose the 2015 hit by Rachel Platten "Fight Song."

Episode Notes

Are you interested in ways to torture your loved ones? Well, Brad has a technique that you have to try. Rachel Platten wrote this song to convince herself that she still had a place in the music industry, and it quickly became an anthem for overcoming obstacles. Brad uses this song as a punchline for overcoming the tiniest inconveniences. we hope that this song could start a twitter fight(song.) Teresa, very pregnant at the time, has a filthy mind. Words like Pre-chorus, wrecking balls, and the phrase turned-on make her act like a child.
Katie also tries to point out how Rachel Platten is EXACTLY like Gilgamesh. And we all get to hear Teresa go on about how she hates competition.
Did you know there was a live action Peter Rabbit movie?



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