Decomposition Podcast

I Did It- Dave Matthews Band Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week we welcome our friend Emily to help decompose the Dave Matthews Band hit song from 2001 "I Did It"

Episode Notes

What was it that Dave Matthews did? Anybody? This song was the beginning of the end of rock superstardom for the Dave Matthews Band. They hired a producer who they thought could sell albums. Unfortunately, it failed to feature most of the band and didn't produce the quality of music that people came to expect. Emily and Brad were both on the DMB train, whereas Katie never enjoyed it anyway. Lots of Dave Matthews impressions, giggling, and Emily laughing until she cries. Magic mushroom love bombs? The video makes zero sense...unless you're on mushrooms...which may or may not be what, in fact, Dave Matthews did. Plus a rap that senselessly repeats the word "love." Good news though, we teach everybody a fun new DMB-related game to play.