Decomposition Podcast

I Was Jack (You Were Diane)- Jake Owen Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week Katie and Brad welcome back comedian Donna Vee to discuss Jake Owen's 2018 hit "I Was Jack (You Were Diane.)"

Episode Notes

You all remember Donna Vee, comedian and country music fan. Well, we have found a country song that she does not care for. It's not your grandmothers meatloaf, as she puts it. It's a nostalgia double-down... a song reminiscing about a song about nostalgia, get it? Also, what is this trite, generic, Bo Burnham-esque nonsense? Blue jean halo? Does John Mellencamp even care about this song? Why is there a 10 minute long mini-movie? Also, what sort of deal-with-the-devil punishment is happening to Jake Owen now that he has to play this song for the remainder of his career. It sucks... a chili dog outside the Tastee Freeze

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