Decomposition Podcast

Lump- Presidents of The United States of America Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week Katie and Brad decompose the 1995 hit song by the Presidents Of The United States Of America

Episode Notes

This is groundbreaking news: We uncover a murder plot and the murderer is none other than ONE OF THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! Who is Lump? Why does she want brains (plural?) Is she a figment of Casper Babypants' imagination? Is she a zombie? If not then why are the piranha's confused, Katie? Did this song, along with Taylor Swifts "Love Story," inspire the Nicholas Hoult zombie-romantic-comedy "Warm Bodies?" Well, don't worry; we have all of your answers... that you probably never cared to think about. Plus, we figure out how ghosts work.