Decomposition Podcast

Me and Decomposition Down By The Schoolyard; An Homage To The Work of Paul Simon

Episode Summary

After seeing Paul Simon during his retirement tour Katie, Brad, and Teresa decide to discuss the wonderful catalog of Paul Simon

Episode Notes

We have spent so much of our time discussing terrible songs. Some we love despite this, some are bad songs written by good artists, others are just straight up horrendous. But today is a special day. Today is the day that we discuss and artist we love and the decades worth of wonderful songs that he gave to us. Paul Simon is (one of our) favorite(s), and we are here to tell everybody why he is Americas (PUNS!!) greatest songwriter.
We start with a bit about what on Earth was going on between Paul, Julio, and Rosie Rosenstein-Pajama in that schoolyard? We have theories... and they're dirty
Then we move on to the countless (almost) lines of musical poetry that stand out to us as Paul Simon's best. Teresa struggles even without actually being under any pressure. We misquote a lot of lyrics, song and album titles.
Teresa fawns... a lot
Randy Rainbow "WTF You Guys"