Decomposition Podcast

Mr. Big- To Be With You Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week Teresa is back to help us decompose the 1991 hit by Mr. Big "To Be With You."

Episode Notes

This super-group ROCKS SO SOFT! Its a group made up of not-so-terribly well known musicians; Blond Fred Armisen, Emilia Estevez, Darryl Hall, and Darryl Strawberry.
How is it that Teresa and Katie don't like hair bands, but they do love this song? The Answer: Sing-along.
We learn all about shredding on the guitar (Blooms, Bong, and twee.) We get into the oddness of one particular line that nobody knows anyway. Are there blue traffic lights? Is this just another dirty old man song? Maybe not, but it is man-splainy and condescending.
Also, let's enjoy Katie going full-on prude in this episode.
Stay tuned, there's a sing along at the end, and even Mike joins in for some rare on-mic banter.