Decomposition Podcast

Omigod You Guys- Legally Blonde The Musical Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week we welcome Chris from BSP: The Idio(t)syncracy Files to decompose the opening number from Legally Blonde: The Musical, "Omigod You Guys."

Episode Notes

Katie and Chris are musical theater nerds. Katie also loves the movie "Legally Blonde." As it turns out, these two things do not work together. Chris is the only one of us who has actually seen the musical, but says that , for the most part, the rest of the music is not really any better. The song is annoying, and that is really it's biggest problem. Katie takes some real exception to the negative sorority girl stereotype. And why is it that they hat maids? 7 Tony nominations, Zero wins...that says something. Katie also demonstrates the "bend and snap," which doesn't really work in an audio format, but it is a terrible, dumb thing that is worth YouTubing.

Check out the BSP: The Idio(t)syncracy files on iTunes or at their website
Also check out Cody's book "The Gay Teens Guide to Defeating a Siren."