Decomposition Podcast

Private Eyes- Hall and Oates Decomposition

Episode Summary

this week comedian and podcast host Darin Patterson joins us to decompose the 1981 hit by Hall and Oates "Private Eyes."

Episode Notes

We have always just kind of assumed that "Private Eyes," was a creepy, stalker-ish song. In a rare moment for Decomposition, you get to bear witness to a real-time reaction to learning the truth about this hit song that isn't "Your Kiss Is On My List," despite how it sounds. We also learn a lot about how important hand claps are to a song. We also learn how difficult it is to clap in time to the hand claps in this song.
Darin is a huge Hall and Oates fan and it was a delight to have him over to get seriously schooled by Katie... as is her profession.
Brad adds little to the conversation.

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Twitter: @darincredible