Decomposition Podcast

Ramble On- Led Zeppelin Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week friend, musician, and teacher Erik re-joins us to discuss the 1969 song by Led Zeppelin "Ramble On."

Episode Notes

Led Zeppelin; rock gods, right? They really were greater than the sum of their parts. Even with the addition of Robert Plant.
This is a story-song. Is it a story? Who is the main character? Who is his girl? Is she a bluebird? Has it been ten years to the day, or was this years ago in days of old?
Erik is both a Zep-head as well as a LOTR nerd, so there is no better guest suited for this, perhaps the biggest juxtaposition between musical ability and lyrical content.
Did Tom Bombadil get a bad rap?
We are goin' real deep for you nerds this week.
"Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby." R. Plant