Decomposition Podcast

Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through- Meat Loaf/ Jim Steinman Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week we welcome Denis of Pop Flies and Grounders back onto the show to help us decompose the Jim Steinman ('81) and Meat Loaf ('93) hit song "Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through."

Episode Notes

Denis is Back(ermann) to try, and oh, how we try, to make sense of this needlessly-epic "masterpiece." Honestly, the words are dumb...what with the inclusions of golden nuggets, listening to the radio strong, treasuring love, angels having guitars before they have wings and, of course, putting on the 'phones, but the videos are bat (out of hell)-shit crazy. Gypsy/Troll Meat Loaf, runaway Angelina Jolie, Jim Steinman in welders gloves, LOOOOOOOOOOOOTS of dancing, power arms. I don't know, this all seems like gibberish in a brief description...
Hey, better Bat-Trilogy; Christopher Nolan's or Loaf/ Steinman's?
Anyway, this is a super-sized 'sode because there's JUST THAT MUCH GOING ON. Watch the videos, listen to the songs, and I double-dare you to NOT love every god damned minute.
Spoiler: Jim Steinman doesn't sing on his version of this song.