Decomposition Podcast

Styx- Mr. Roboto Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week we welcome host of Massive Late Fee, Mark Phillips, to help decompose the 1983 hit by Styx "Mr. Roboto."

Episode Notes

Dennis DeYoung is a crazy person. He created the concept album/ rock-opera "Kilroy Was Here," which was a half-baked idea that essentially caused Tommy Shaw to quit the band. It's easy to see why. This song and, likely the entire album, was garbage. He was like a non-talented Jim Steinman/ Billy Joel/ Jenna Maroney hybrid..
What on Earth does "Modren man," mean? Why on earth does he pronounce "Mannequin," like that? He's not a hero, he's not a savior, but he definitely IS a murderer who will save you heroically.
Kilroy is also possibly the most polite murderer ever.
We also discuss what it is that makes one human, and coin a new type of irony; Accidental Irony.
Get ready to have this garbage trapped in your ear holes for the next week.
There's also a touch of dog-murder. Stay classy, Decomposition!