Decomposition Podcast

Weezer; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly part 3: the Ugly

Episode Summary

This week we finalize our 3-part Anniversary series:" Weezer: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" with, of course, the Ugly

Episode Notes

Teresa has no fun...none, whatsoever. She is angry, she resents this, she hates every single minute, and it is awkwardly apparent. She also, as the episode progresses, realizes that she doesn't know ANY of these songs. She didn't buy ANY of these albums. She has a serious Weezer blind-spot...but still gets upset when we don't like the songs. I think she broke up with us...I'm still not sure
Thanks to everybody who has helped make this past year so successful for us here at Decomposition. All of the friends we've made in the podcast community, everyone we have interacted with on social media. Everyone who has shared this with their friends and/or enemies. As long as there are terrible songs out there, we will have no shortage of episodes.
Here's to another year!
Remember, they're not guilty pleasures if you don't feel guilty.