Decomposition Podcast

Wonderful Christmastime- Paul McCartney Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week Teresa joins us to discuss Paul McCartney's 1979 song "Wonderful Christmastime."

Episode Notes

A giggle-fit from the get-go. The moon/ mood is right. Right? This song pays Sir Paul approximately $400k a year in royalties. A million (approx,) the sounds of many instruments being thrown down stairs, cat's jumping on a synthesizer, the odd "Ding-Dong," "AAAAHHHHH, Don't look down," and some of the laziest songwriting we have ever heard. And it isn't even McCartney's WORST Christmas song! It is possibly Brads least favorite song of all time, though. Also, we assume we know British Christmas Traditions, and how they may be inspired by "Inferno." All that and the delights of Katie taking the worlds smallest bites of cookie. this episode is funny, contentious, and much more enjoyable to listen to than the song we are discussing.