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Work It- Missy Elliot Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week comedian Kate Nichols joins us to decompose the 2002 hit by Missy Elliot "Work It."

Episode Notes

Bees, Pubes, Elephant trumpets... all sorts of wiedness happening here. And yet, a lesser rapper couldn't pull it off. Thats why Missy Elliot is a gift.
We hear about a new YouTube Channel "Sex Parts with Kate Nichols," so long as there isn't already a "Sex Parts with Fate Pickles," out there already.
For whom is Missy shaving her cha-cha (Cho-cha?) Who knows?
The pube truthers demand an answer!
Second great idea: a lift-and-shape thong for your ba-donk-a-donk-donk.
Did Missy just assume she could speak Chinese?
This song is a clasic that still holds up


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