Decomposition Podcast

You Make It Feel Like Christmas- Gwen Stefani f. Blake Shelton Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week Katie and Brad decompose Gwen Stefani's 2017 hit song "You Make It Feel Like Christmas."

Episode Notes

Katie was a big No Doubt fan back in the day. This year, for Christmas, Gwen Stefani released her own terrible, terrible album of Christmas tunes. "You Make It Feel Like Christmas," didn't (or hasn't yet) reached the top of some oddly specific Billboard charts. Even with the combined might of The Voice power couple, Stefani and Blake Shelton, they aren't pulling in the numbers. Probably because its just a bunch of cobbled together, trite, sugary sweet winter imagery. We also spend quite a bit of time discussing the hour-long Target ad that was her Christmas special...the costumes, the guest celebrities, the lack of comedy (?) and, of course, the lip-syncing.