Decomposition Podcast

You Were Meant For Me- Jewel Decomposition

Episode Summary

This week our friend Emily helps us decompose the 1995 hit song by Jewel "You Were Meant For Me."

Episode Notes

Jewel's album "Pieces of You," was an integral part of Katie and Emily's formative teenage years. Very moody, very melodramatic, and loaded with pancakes. Jewel obviously did something to ruin this relationship...and then turned into a straight-up crazy person who wrote a song. Possibly while brandishing an ak47 in Mexico with her songwriting partner, Steve Poltz.
Jewel switches from church-voice to baby-voice seamlessly. She writes bad poetry. And she doesn't know the meaning of the word "casualty." Perhaps that would be a good thing to know before handling a semi-automatic in a drug bust in Mexico.
But I digress...